Dr. HONG Feng with the delegation visited Hong Kong to hold ASMC’s 2016 Annual Results Conference

2017-3-20 15:22:25

On 16 March, Dr. HONG Feng, the CEO of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited (“ASMC”), Ms. LUO Wenjing, the vice president and Mr. XIAO Weiming, the company secretary and IR director visited Hong Kong to hold ASMC’s 2016 Annual Results Conference with investors and analysts as well as media luncheon with Hong Kong financial journalists.


Over 60 professionals engaged in the investment and research from 50 domestic and oversea professional investment institutions including, hedging fund or capital management fund directors and sell-side analysts attended ASMC’s 2016 Annual Results Conference, which hit a record high in the Company's history since IPO in 2006. The following investment institutions participated in ASMC’S 2016 Annual Results Conference, include:


1. Avant Capital
2. Basic Asset Management Limited
4. Cape Asset Management Limited
5. CCB International Capital Limited
6. Chaos International Financial Ltd.
7. China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
8. China Industrial Securities International Financial Group Limited
9. China Securities (International) Finance Holding Company Limited
10. Citic Securities International Company Limited
11. Credit Suisse(Hong Kong) Limited
12. Decent Capital
13. Development Finance Asia
14. Dongxing Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
15. Dragon China Capital Co., Ltd.
16. eFusion Capital
17. Empersor Securities Limited
18. First Shanghai Securities Ltd.
19. Gf Securities
20. Great Wall Pan Asia Int'L Asset Management Ltd.
21. Guosen Securities (HK) Financial Holding Co., Ltd
22. Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited
23. Head & Shoulders Asset Management Ltd.
24. Hooray Securities Limited
25. HSAM
26. Huatai Financial Holding (Hong Kong) Limited
27. ICBC International Research Limited
28. Kambridge Asset Management Limited
29. KCG Securities Asia Limited
30. Kenrich Partners Pte Ltd.
31. Kirin Financial Group
32. Milestone Asset Management (Caymen) Co., Ltd
33. MMO Capital Limited
34. O Fund Management
35. Orient Securities Company Limited
36. Philip Securities (HK) Ltd.
37. Prudence Investment Managemnet
38. Shanghai International Asset Management (HK) Co., Ltd
39. ShenZhen Cowin Asset Management Limited
40. ShenZhen Jinji Investment Management Co., Ltd
41. ShenZhen Skyline Investment Management Co., Ltd
42. Skybound Capital
43. Taiping Asset Management (HK) Company Limited
44. Tao Investment Limited
45. UOB Kat Hian Private Limited
46. Valuebed Capital Ltd.
47. WIM Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd.
48. Zenas Capital Management Limited
49. Zhongtai Financial International Limited
50. Guru Club Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd


At the live video conference with investors and analysts, first of all, Dr. HONG Feng as  the newly appointed CEO who represented ASMC to attend the conference at the first time addressed to the investors to express thanks to their trust and support in ASMC; Ms. LUO Wenjing generally introduced the overall operating and financial performance of 2016 annual results; Dr HONG Feng summarized the improvement of operating results of 2016, i.e. sales and other major indicators, especially the significant improvement of market in Great China region, shared with the investors the outlook of 2017 with regard to macroeconomic environment and semiconductor market, as well as the market strategies and operating plans.


Professional investors and analysts not only paid attention to ASMC’s 2016 annual results, but also showed strong interest in its business plans and developing direction. The investor and analyst participants paid close attention to ASMC’s operating environment and ongoing business performance that they raised questions regarding ASMC’s 2017 first quarter results, the cash utilization plans, when the capacity expected to be released from capacity construction based on capital expenditure, whether the new capacity could fully meet the requirements of domestic strategic industrial alliance cooperation, whether the improvement of capacity could help the Company promote market domination in order to achieve more profitable results, how to deal with the negative impact of longer receivables turnover days when focusing on domestic market, 2017 capital expenditure plans, how to improve profitability, how to further improving overall utilization rate, the expectation of exploring China market. The management team of ASMC gave comprehensive, objective and true answers to the above questions based on ASMC’s present and future developing strategies.


The management team, immediately after the conference with investors and analysts, also attended media luncheon for release of ASMC’s 2016 annual results, and communicated with the financial journalists primarily from AASTOCKS, Apple Daily HK, ET Net, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, iMoney, Infocast, Ta Kung Pao. The management team of ASMC released through the media that the Company would leverage its leading edges in specialty processes and designated markets to actively cooperate with commercial partners in domestic and oversea industry chain, as well as create good rewards for the shareholders by steadily expanding domestic and oversea business under the corporate governance and listing rules. The management team expressed thanks to the journalist participants who paid continuous attention and support to ASMC. After the conference, the Hong Kong media reported positively about ASMC’s 2016 annual results release.


Dr. HONG Feng, the newly appointed CEO of ASMC



Ms. LUO Wenjing, the vice president, introduced ASMC's 2016 annual results



the investors and analysts attending the conference


the investors questioned the management team of ASMC



the management team of ASMC communicated with the investors and analysts after the conference



Released by the Board Secretary Office of ASMC


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