Compensation & Benefits


According to the operating conditions of the Company, referring to external and industry talent market information, the Company carried out its compensation policy and framework system. The Company regularly participates in or consults the external market salary research, analyzes or revises the Company salary system, and make evaluation and adjustments of the employees’ salaries according to employees’ responsibilities, background, capability and performance.


Salary composition: The Company provides 12-month fixed salary, year-end 13th month salary, and bonuses based on profitability, employee performance and target completion rate.



Social insurance: The Company purchases basic social insurance for every employee as local laws and regulations required, including endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, injury insurance, medical insurance and maternity insurance.


Housing fund: The Company purchases housing fund for every employee as required by local laws and regulations.


Supplementary commercial insurance: In addition to the state statutory benefits, the Company provides employees with competitive supplementary commercial insurance.


Children medical insurance: According to relevant rules and the supplementary commercial insurance agreement, the Company has established relations with corporate insurance company, in which employees are able to purchase insurance for their children on the basis of their needs.



Paid leave: In addition to the annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and other legal holidays that are prescribed by national regulations, formal employees enjoy 5 days of annual leave during their first year at the company, which will add up to 6 days in the second year. Though the annual year will increase with your working years in our company, it will be no more than 16 days per year.



Club active: Employees can join trade union activities, such as badminton, photography, yoga, fishing, philately and other 18 associations. In addition, the Company's trade unions regularly organize other activities such as tourism.


Health care: The Company offers employees annual physical examination for free. Besides, the Company provides 24H clinic service.


Dormitory for technical engineers: The Company provides free dormitories for operators and low-rent apartments for technical engineer.


Free shuttles: The Company provides free commuter buses for employees.

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