Working Environment

  • 14-September-2015 Working Environment
  • Working Environment

    Join ASMC,you will feel comfortable and enjoyable, like working happily

     in a harmonious family. 




    Company Layout

    As a factory with long history,many buildings has been located in it,

    like Fab12,Fab3,CUB and so on.



    Office Environment
    Light and spacious office environment is provided for all staff,which makes

    them work more efficiently.




    As long as you are hungry, meals such as snacks, noodle and so on

    are available in canteen all day long,and meet the needs of all the staff.



    24-Hour Store
    Different kinds of goods such as daily necessities, food, beverage and

    so on that meet different needs of all the staff are available in it.




    Conference Room
    High efficiency conference can be held in these modern conference rooms. 




    Fab Environment
    Modern fab environment make us work more efficiently in it.




    Shuttle Bus
    Shuttle bus is free for all employees,and thus relieves worries of the






    Clinic and nursery room are located in the factory, providing 24 hour service

    including diagnosis and treatment, counseling, and emergency medical

    assistance.In nursery room,new mothers can lactate for their babies.




    A standard dormitory with TV, Internet conncection,shower and many other

     furnitures may makes you feel like in your own room.


    Welcome to our company—ASMC!


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